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Top 8 Driving Destinations in Dubai: Exploring the City by Car

Dubai has plenty of places of tourist interest as well as business opportunities. As one of the prominent tourist destinations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is a paradise for people who love shopping, eating, luxury, architecture, and mesmerizing views of the vistas. For an individual who has landed in Dubai as a tourist or must visit several places in and around Dubai on business. Renting a vehicle is the best way to explore the city at any hour and in any manner you wish. With renowned car rental companies offering world-class rental services in Dubai, it is not difficult to create unforgettable journeys in and around Dubai alone or with companions during your stay there.
Given below are the top 8 most captivating destinations that one can drive to. 

Destinations in Dubai
  1. The Festival City Mall in Dubai – Any tourist who arrives in Dubai never forgets to set foot in this popular shopping and entertainment destination. This mall, located centrally in Dubai, hosts some of the biggest and best attractions and activities in Dubai. The high-end detail stores, high-end luxury brands, and international retailers offer perfect retail therapy to visitors. Then there is the Imagine and Fountain Show, a mesmerizing multimedia spectacle accompanied by enchanting music that captures the attention of the visitors and leaves them awe-struck. During special days and celebrations – Festival City Mall in Dubai never fails to celebrate it in a grand way with live performances, cultural displays, and decorations. Then there is also the festive wheel, offering a panoramic view.
  2. JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) – This is a popular tourist attraction, a vibrant waterfront community along the Arabian Gulf. Everyday visitors and residents visit this locality and beach to relax on the soft white sand, engage in water sports activities like paddleboarding, parasailing, skiing, etc., or to enjoy the breezy walk alongside the beach. The vibrant atmosphere of this area is highly loved by people who frequent it for strolling and socializing. Besides the ever-buzzing beach, world-famous restaurants offer world-class dining options alongside a variety of activities and shopping options. One can also experience luxurious movie-time and take delight in murals and pieces of art along the street. There are entertainment options for kids too.
  3. Soho Garden – The Soho Garden located adjacent to the Soho beach is an entertainment and dining destination where people visit for the best nightlife experience. The vibrant and exciting parties often held by the poolside with the exotic skyline of Dubai in view is an extremely popular attraction. This place has world-class venues comprising stylish bars, expert bartenders offering crafted cocktails, live entertainment, gourmet dining options, comfortable sunbeds and cabanas, appealing Instagram-worthy backdrops, themed events and festivals, and more. The outdoor terraces of the Soho Garden are the ideal places to enjoy the summer evenings in Dubai.
  4. Dubai City Walk – An individual can do so much in the bustling urban district of Dubai City Walk. This European Street-style corner is full of modern amenities like shopping, dining, and culinary delights, movies and entertainment, enjoying art and design, exotic green spaces and outdoor activities, live performances and events, street entertainment like music, magic shows, and other entertainment acts, central park; and more. One will also find Hub Zero, a unique destination for cutting-edge indoor gaming designed for both adults and kids.
  5. Madinat Jumeirah – The Madinat Jumeirah is perhaps the most famous min-city in Dubai with an Arabian theme. There are very few premium resort complexes that blend traditional charm with modernity as beautifully as this extraordinary place. Some of the top attractions of Madinat Jumeirah are Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Cruze rides across Madinat Jumeirah called the Abra Ride, unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation of the Talise Spa, Madinat Theatre, the thrilling Wild Wadi Water Park, gourmet cuisine comprising traditional Arabian delicacies, the picture-perfect venue of Fort Island, the waterways of Madinat Jumeirah, and the exquisite Arabian architecture and landscaping of Madinat Jumeirah.
  6. West Beach (Jumeirah) – The West Beach is a new development that has been designed to cater to the high volume of tourists that visit this community. This popular attraction is known for its mesmerizing coastal views, recreational activities, beachfront restaurants and cafes, clubs and lounges, attractive events and festivals, dedicated outdoor exercise areas, and play areas for kids.
  7. Global Village – The Global Village is another popular tourist destination that showcases the diverse cultures of Dubai. The entire area is subdivided into pavilions and themed zones that display crafts and cultural artifacts of various countries and cultures. International cuisine lovers like to visit this place for the unique street food and traditional delicacies it offers. The atmosphere is made more vibrant by performances, fun fair rides and games, cultural exhibitions, seasonal festivals, and amazing firework displays. There are also interactive workshops. This place is perfect for family entertainment and shopping. Global Village is perfect for a day out for fun, food and frolic – open October through April.
  1. The Pointe – Like other waterfront destinations, the Pointe in Dubai, which is, as a matter of fact, located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, attracts a record-breaking number of tourists every year. The main draw is its energizing light and music show, which includes a choreographed water performance. This place offers an unforgettable mix of entertainment, technology, wellness facilities, rejuvenation, shopping, dining, socializing, beachside wonders, and so much more.
United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai

All the tourist attractions mentioned above can be well covered if one has access to a vehicle as the attractions are not very well connected by public transportation. Hence, hiring a rental car for your stay in Dubai – gives you access and freedom to visit top attractions across Dubai and UAE. Dollar Car Rental, UAE, offers the best vehicle rental plans. They also offer great discounts. Therefore, a tourist can explore Dubai at their own pace, enjoy the dazzling ambiance, or simply enjoy gourmet dining in an unhurried way. Book your car rental plan today from Dollar Car Rental, UAE.