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Looking for a Long-Term Car Lease? Go with Dollar’s Utmost Flexibility Plan

What is a long-term car lease?

When a vehicle like a car, van or truck is taken on lease for a longer time, for example, for a year or more, it is termed as a long-term car lease.

The appeal of long-term vehicle rental plans by Dollar Car Rental, UAE:

Freedom: Long-term car rental plans allow an individual to enjoy an unlimited amount of freedom. Lately, year-long car rental plans have gained immense popularity as they give people the opportunity to access their desired vehicle for a longer period, which can be weeks or months. This lease plan gives people the opportunity to drive the car anywhere and also enjoy complete freedom to use the car and its superior features as per their needs and wishes.

long-term lease a car in Dubai

Convenience: When a customer avails a vehicle from Dollar Car Rental UAE on a long-term lease (be it personal or commercial) it provides a hassle-free experience for them – which they otherwise would have to face had they owned a car. Dollar Car Rental provides end-to-end services associated with leasing a car for the long term. With every long-term car lease in Dubai, they provide value-added services like vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, service and maintenance, paying tolls (also referred to as salik), management of traffic fines, licenses, and documentation or paperwork related to all the things mentioned above.

Cost-effective: Dollar Car Rental UAE, believes that when an individual is driving his or her dream vehicle, not having a burden of debt or repayment would make them enjoy the ride. Without the burdensome price tag of owning the car, an individual can just complete a few steps of paperwork, keep the leased car in good condition, and take advantage of all the benefits of the car, including significant comfort and financial flexibility. With a long-term car lease in Dubai that is easy on the pocket, an individual can look forward to a great time in the UAE.

Round-the-clock support: Dollar Car Rental, UAE, has earned excellent reviews for providing outstanding services to customers from around the world. Extraordinary services provided to customers have established Dollar as one of the leading car rental agencies in the UAE. Once an individual opts for a long-term car lease in Dubai, the individual can feel free to reach out to Dollar representatives for emergency roadside assistance, a quick replacement vehicle, vehicle towing services, repair services in case of any accident, insurance management, customer support, etc.

Smarter choice: Making long-term financial commitments in the form of a long-term lease is a wiser decision. Straightforward payment options that come with a range of value-added services are a great way to hold onto a vehicle. When you rent from Dollar Car Rental UAE, you also get complimentary premium services related to delivery and pickup and more! It is also fairly easy to make online reservations, which makes booking access more streamlined and centralized.

Flexibility: Long-term car rental deals from Dollar Car Rental, UAE, offer customization of the lease plan. The representatives or support personnel will incorporate your needs into the rental plan. Upon request, Dollar Car Rental also offers modifications of the contractual terms on select models of cars and vehicles.

Long-term car rental deals

If you have this question in mind: Where can I long-term lease a car in Dubai? Here is a guide:

  • Visit the official website of Dollar Car Rental UAE.
  • Check out the rental plans offered by Dollar Car Rental.
  • Research the types of vehicles offered. Conduct research about the type of vehicle you have in mind. It is also recommended that you have a definite idea of your requirements, like the number of passengers who will be commuting with you, the amount of baggage you have with you throughout the entire time one needs to commute, the luxury facilities you would love to enjoy in your car, etc.
  • Decide on the number of vehicles you want to lease. The flexible long-term plan offered by Dollar Car Rental has a lease option for as long as you like. Therefore, an individual can take a car on lease for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more!
  • ¬†Then get in touch with the representatives of Dollar Car Rental, UAE. Everything you would need to know about the rental plan, you can easily ask the expert lease executives.

Dollar Car Rental has one of the largest and widest fleet of vehicles in the UAE. With a range of just the best brands of vehicles, Dollar offers excellent transportation solutions to its clients. At the same time, Dollar’s expertise helps in reducing the cost of fleet management, making fleet compliance more efficient and effective, customizing vehicle builds, and meeting other requirements as per the social status, wishes, and needs of the client. The long-term car lease plans are extremely flexible, customer-centric, and pocket-friendly. Even the lease agreement has favorable terms. If a customer needs consultation for choosing the best vehicle model, the consultants with Dollar can extend their help for the same. One can choose from different brands and models of SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, or luxury cars with add-on features like Wi-Fi, GPS trackers, child safety, gear settings, etc.

The UAE is an extremely popular tourist destination. People from all over the world visit the UAE on vacation, business travel, visiting family, serve in temporary positions with the government, etc. The long UAE summers are extremely attractive to not only tourists but to residents as well. Dollar Car Rental, UAE, offers surprise deals, attractive discounts, and special offers for summers and festivals.