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In today’s time, people are becoming more practical in terms of spending money. In the case of automobiles, people prefer to lease them instead of buying them. COVID-19 has also increased the level of this frugality and changed the point of view for mobility. Through leasing, anyone can get a car (even for a brief time frame) at more affordable rates. This means that you can even think about leasing a luxury car. Other benefits of this system include saving more money on sales tax and warranty coverage. As per changing needs and preferences, Dollar Car Rental offers car lease services in Dubai through which cars can be easily acquired on lease.

Established in 2004, we are a UAE based franchise operation owned by the well-known A.A.Al Moosa Enterprises. We are owned under the licence of Zabeel Rent a Car LLC. We are associated with huge brands, including Pepsi, Mai Dubai, Pran Foods, NFPC, Aramex, Carrefour, etc., and work for them as a transport solutions partner. With our car rental service in Dubai, you can acquire the latest models of cars in our portfolio at the best market price in the UAE. You can acquire them on very flexible and favourable terms. Opting for this service is a 12-month car lease in Dubai (it is expandable up to 3 years).

Let’s talk about the advantages of our long-term personal car leasing:


After opting for our services, you never have to worry about vehicle registration, insurance, consistent service, or maintenance. Besides, you never have to go through the hassles like tolls, traffic fines, licences, and the stress of paperwork.


As mentioned earlier, acquiring cars from us is cost-effective. We believe that people should get the opportunity to drive their desired car. We know that purchasing a car means going through all kinds of paperwork and spending lots of money on down payments and loans. If you choose our car for hire service in Dubai, then you do not have to deal with all this anymore. Instead of dealing with the depreciating costs of your own vehicle, just accept our long-term car rental plan. This is also the best option, even against public transportation costs, including metros, RTA taxis, cabs, etc.

Required support

We are known to provide 24×7 support to our customers. We help them with quick replacement vehicles, free vehicle towing services, insurance management, and the list goes on. Due to this, we have been successful in providing the a top-notch customer experience.


Another aspect of our rental service is that it can be acquired without wasting lots of time. Its registration process does not consist of long queues or time-consuming paperwork.

cars on lease online from Dollar Car Rental


It doesn’t matter if you want to upgrade your lease plan, travel anywhere you want to with your car, etc. This is because we handle all the legal stress associated with these activities. All you have to do is keep in touch with our customer support team.


We have a variety of cars in our portfolio. The reason behind this is that we understand everyone has different preferences. Anyone who wants cheaper but high-quality cars should opt for cheap car rental services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If someone wants a luxury car to enjoy the travelling experience in our company more, they should definitely opt for a car rental service in the UAE.

From all these points, you can see that car rental in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a more convenient mode of transportation.

Types of customers that will benefit from it:

  • Permanents residents
  • Tourists
  • Business travellers
  • Young professionals
  • Visiting family members

By satisfying them, we have been able to create a long-lasting, reputable, and profitable business. If these customers have been benefited by our service, then you should opt for this service as soon as possible.


Leasing a car is better than owning it forever, especially in this age of inflation. In the near future, the businesses related to it will surely prosper and expand. As we have discussed earlier, utilising our car rental service in UAE is highly beneficial. It is cost-effective, free from hassle, and easy to acquire. Therefore, it will be an option without any second thought.