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Benefits of Long-Term Car Rental with Dollar Car Rental UAE


 In the UAE, where at any time of the year there are countless travelers and expats alike, long-term car rental has emerged as a viable and practical solution for everyone. This is because of the several advantages that it provides in terms of reduced costs, flexibility, comfort, and being a convenient mode of transportation for extended periods of time.

First, let us understand what long-term car rental is.

Long-term car rentals offered by premium car rental companies in Dubai are a type of leasing agreement wherein the customer rents a car for a substantial period of time that can range from months to years. This is usually preferred by individuals or businesses that require a car for a period that is usually longer than what conventional short-term rentals would allow.

One of the most prominent names that crops up when thinking about long-term car rental deals is that of Dollar Car Rental.

What exactly are the benefits of long-term car rentals in Dubai?

Environmental benefits come to mind first when talking about long-term car rentals or leases. This is because it can help reduce the number of cars on the road. This eradicates the need for individuals and businesses to purchase new cars at frequent intervals. This helps reduce the pollution and waste involved in making new cars and disposing of the older ones. Also, long-term rentals help reduce the number of cars on the road and congestion while improving air quality.

Dollar Car Rental is well known for the long-term lease options that they provide to their customers, and for good reason. After all, they don’t just provide a lease; they add that up with several benefits too.

Long-Term Car Rental

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a car on a long-term lease from Dollar Car Rental:

Hassle-free and convenient

When you opt for a long-term rental subscription with Dollar Car Rental UAE, you get unparalleled maintenance solutions. Just think of the level of benefit that it provides over owning a car. You do not have to own one, and you also do not have to think about the maintenance of the car you get on lease. This is because the team at Dollar takes care of the end-to-end vehicle registration, insurance, vehicle service and maintenance, Salik (toll) and traffic fine management, and all other paper work that usually comes with maintaining a car in the UAE.


Purchasing a new car comes with its own set of paperwork and loads of financial commitments. These can set you back for years, especially if you choose to finance your purchase. Dollar Car Rental UAE understands this, and that is why they believe in providing a service that involves driving your dream vehicle minus the burdens of the price tag that comes with buying a new car. With their long-term, pocket-friendly payment plans, you will be able to experience comfort and financial flexibility like never before.

Dollor Car Rental benefits

Round-the-clock support

You don’t become one of the best weekly car rental companies in the UAE simply by providing long-term subscription packages. You also need to back that up with an unforgettable service. This is why Dollar Car Rental provides 24×7 emergency roadside assistance, repair and insurance management, dedicated customer support personnel, and much more to ensure that you and your family are in safe hands even at odd hours.

To conclude, there are several benefits to opting for long-term car rental with Dollar Car Rental UAE. So, stop dreaming about driving that dream car when you can own it for a fraction of the cost today. To learn more, contact Dollar today!