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5 Tips to Save Money on Renting a Car for Your Summer Vacation in Dubai

Buckle up for a ride in a rented car of your choice in and around one of the most amazing cities in the UAE – Dubai. If you have chosen Dubai as the destination for your summer vacation, you must rent a car to travel around Dubai. Whether you plan to visit the most unfrequented corners of Dubai in a car, visit your family and friends who are residents of Dubai, or you want to visit the famous corners around the city for a shopping spree, hiring a car is a convenient option as the car will always be available for planning and taking a ride. For example, if you have opted for SUV car rental in Dubai, then the SUV model of your choice will be parked at the place where you have put it up 24×7, ready to hit the road anytime you wish. 

Given below are 5 tips through which you will be able to save on expenses that you incur while motoring in Dubai.

1. Try to look for discounts and promotions.

Discounts and promotions are a great way to save money. As a passenger, when you get a discount, you can have an exact figure of what you saved, and thereby calculate the total cost of your road trip during your summer vacation, without much estimation. Special offers, loyalty points, cashbacks, etc. generate monetary gains. The best car rental companies in the UAE, like Dollar Car Rental UAE, offer extremely attractive discounts and deals to customers availing of their daily, weekly, or monthly rental plans. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait for your lucky day to win them. Dollar rolls out deals and discounts almost every day. It is like enjoying a new deal every single day of the year. The promos and deals from Dollar can be found on Dollar UAE’s official website and exclusively on social media platforms. When you inquire about the rental plans from the representatives of Dollar, do not forget to ask for any deal or discount that is applicable to the rental plan you are requesting

Renting a Car for Your Summer Vacation in Dubai

2. Compare the deals on rental packages:

Even if you hire the same model or brand of car, you will find different rental rates from different car rental service providers in the UAE. There is no standard rental price bracket for the same, but at the same time, it is also obvious that the companies will differ big time in terms of quality of service, satisfaction of customers, conditions of cars, availability of cars and size of fleet available for rent, experience and expertise of drivers, etc. Of course, the luxury car rentals in Dubai available with a driver would cost a little more than self-drive cars. But comparing rates would help a tourist avail the best deal that is not only pocket-friendly but also manages to fulfil the passenger’s requirements. While comparing, it is advised that all kinds of additional costs, like – taxes and charges, must be calculated, as they significantly shoot up the cost.

3. Book days or weeks prior.

Even if you are scheduled to arrive in Dubai after a few days or weeks, it is advised that you book the vehicle of your choice in advance. For example, if you have planned to avail a Hyundai car rental service in Dubai, you must browse the Hyundai model of your choice, check for the rental price, and make your reservation way before the scheduled time of your visit, as it will save you from the hassle and rush of finding a Hyundai last minute, comparing prices of different car rental service providers, comparing the availability of Hyundai’s with features of your choice, or comparing the availability of drivers. By booking early, you can also win early bird discounts and some exciting deals too.

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4. Opt for fine-tuned vehicles.

Cars that are in the best shape due to servicing and repairs, must be opted for long travel plans. A well-maintained car eliminates the risk of sudden breakdowns, troubles, and hassles, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses from fixing a malfunctioning car while on the road trip. Also, a serviced car means fuel efficiency. The best providers of car rental in Dubai, UAE, have each of the cars in their fleet that they have put out for rent inspected for optimum health of wires, cables, engines, headlights and tail lights, breaks, batteries, tyres, and other parts of the car. Before handing over the car to the customer, renowned organisations follow the policy of briefing the customer about the present health of the car. This helps an individual save money and enjoy their trip without any sort of stress or hassle.

5. Digitalize your itinerary. 

Digital wallets often offer attractive deals and discounts. There are apps that not only help in planning but also offer paybacks for using digital money to pay the salik and tolls through the electronic mode and is a great way to save, so you can drive effortlessly and worry-free. 

Here is another great way to make your summer vacation in Dubai more economical. Choosing long-term car rental plans over short term rental plans that span for a day or two, or even a week or two, can prove to be cost effective, as usually luxury car hire in Dubai can get really affordable as rental companies mostly offer discounted rates for their super premium automobile brands, or specific luxury car models. The long-term rental plan gives office passengers the opportunity to relish the exclusive features of the luxury car without the hassle of switching to a different car every other day for travelling to destinations. As summer vacations usually stretch for days and weeks, having a car at one’s disposal during one’s entire stay in Dubai gives the exact level of peace of mind that one seeks.